Jack's shield

Our brand philosophy basically evolves from a wish to dress men casually and to make
them feel confident, comfortable, sporty and relaxed, at the same time.


After the Second World War the world changed and so did the clothing menswear industry. New tastes and influences in sport and fashion emerged, where radio, TV and magazines introduced people to an active lifestyle, they had never dreamed existed.

As sports activities influenced many creative tailoring features, the demand for a casual and comfortable look continued to spread. Basically the new sportswear look

was a way of dressing well without necessarily dressing up. It was a more casual look and diverged to the formal look, that dominated in the pre-war years.

It became known as American sportswear and had clear references to the universities and colleges, where the campus students, was among the first, to experiment and dress down in a relaxed and casual way. – As for today American Sportswear is synonymous with more than just sports – the new relaxed style would forever change menswear fashion and the way we dress.

Autumn/Winter 2019

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